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Laptop lockers (See product information below)
LL010 LL010 Open and
Chargable Compartment
Laptop lockers LL010 Laptop lockers LL010 Open and Chargable Compartment
Product information
  • Laptop locker is ideal for business, government, school and university.
  • Secure laptop storage.
  • Charging outlets available if required.
  • Locker suitable for most sized laptops.
  • Product Dimensions  
    Height Width Depth Locker codes
    mm mm mm  
    1800 400/450 400/450 LL010
    Standard Specifications Locker codes
    No of doors 10
    No of compartments 10
    Individual door size 390/440 (width)*170 mm (height)
    Hinge Type Butt Hinge
    Lock Type Latch Lock with back plate
    Standard Colour Grey
    Click to view Lock & Accessory options
    Lock description Lock codes Locker codes
      Locking Options
    Cam Lock 1 way L2 *
    Accessories description Acc codes Accessories Available
    Numbers A1 *
    Leg for single locker A2 *
    Leg set for locker banks A3 *
    Slope Top A4 *
    Colours A6 *
    Galvanised + Epoxy powder A10 *
    Disclaimer: The company pursues a policy of continuous improvement to designs and the performance of products and services and therefore reserves the right to vary the specifications of any of its products and services without prior notice.
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