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Locker Accessories
Refer to standard specifications on lockers to see what options are available for each locker.
Code Accessories Description
A1 Numbers Numbers
  • Aluminium numbers with black letters.
A2 Legs Legs
  • Single legs as part of the locker body.
A3 Leg Sets Leg Sets
  • Manufactured to suit required bank length.
A4 Slope Top Slope Top
  • Prevents storage of items on the top of the locker and prevents dust and debris collection.
  • Easy to clean.
A5 Louvre Styles Louvre Styles
  • Provides ventilation to locker.
  • Various styles available.
A6 Colours Colours
  • Can be ordered to suit your requirements.
  • Subject to minimum quantities.
A7 Extra shelves are available on request. Extra Shelves
  • Can be ordered to suit your requirements.
A8 Filler panels are available on request to fill blank/empty spaces between perpendicular banks of lockers.

Filler Panels

  • Finishes gaps between walls and lockers.

A9 Adjustable feet Adjustable feet
  • Levels lockers where floors are not level.
A10 We recommend galvanised lockers for high humidity areas. Galvanised & Epoxy
  • All lockers are made from commercial grade cold rolled steel.
  • We chemically pretreat metal with a cleaning phosphate and metal preparation process.
  • Finished coat shall be a high quality powder coated finish.
  • Galavanised steel powder coated is recommended for high humidity areas.
A11 Piano Hinge Piano Hinge
  • Prevents the door from being taken off in the open position.
A12 Drop Hinge Drop Hinge
  • The standard entry level hinge on most locker doors.
A13 Pilfering panel Pilfering panel
  • Used in the workwear lockers to prevent intrusion into clothing section of locker.
A14 Non Locking Hatch Door Non Locking Hatch Door
  • Door closes off pilfering panel to give finished look.
  • Non-lockable option.
A15 Locking Hatch Door Locking Hatch Door
  • Door closes off pilfering panel to give finished look.
  • Lockable option.
A16 Boot Compartment Boot Compartment
  • Provides a separate storage facility for the worker's boots.
A17 Full Wood Door Full Wood Door
  • Only available in the Celebrity Range.
  • The front of the locker has a full wood finish.
A18 Full Wood Panels Full Wood Panels
  • Wooden end panels available to cover steel ends of locker body.
A19 Locking/Non Locking Horizontal Swivel Hatch Locking/Non Locking Horizontal Swivel Hatch
  • Used in the workwear dispensing range.
  • A swivel hatch prevents intrusion in clothing section of locker.
  • Swivel hatch maximises hanging space in locker.
  • Available in locking and non-locking option.
Disclaimer: The company pursues a policy of continuous improvement to designs and the performance of products and services and therefore reserves the right to vary the specifications of any of its products and services without prior notice.
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